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Foams India®

Foams India® bed product is a 100% Natural latex foam manufacturing company in Thiruvarkandu, Chennai . We are one of the leading producers of rubber foam mattress, pillows, cushions, contour pillows ®, classic back wedge, leg wedge, travel neck pillow and portable mattress Confirming to comfort safety and durability. The manufacturing foam mattress under the registered trade mark “foams India®” which are available in soft extra, soft, medium and hard quality and in different size as per the requirement of any size and shape. The product are anti-allergic and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Independent test provides that our latex foam is three type more resistant to dust , mites and bacteria then ordinary mattress . latex rubber mattress can last up to 20 years No problem of sagging and no in convince. I conform to the contours of the body creating a cushion and no pressure point caused during rest ther by providing a delightful , refreshing and restful sleep , just like a baby we bring you internationally preferred latex rubber sleeping system for over 20 years

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Contour Pillows are ideal for those suffering from issues with the head and neck region because these pillows take on the shape of the neck arch. They are soft yet firm lending complete support to the neck and relieving it from strain and pain. Made from 100% Natural Latex, these pillows are healthy and hygienic to use and also ensures that there is proper circulation of blood to the head and neck areas. Mattress Wholesalers Mattress Polyster Manufacturers Spring Mattress Manufacturers Foam Mattress Distributors Rubber Mattress Manufacturers Water Cushion Manufacturers Orthopaedic Mattress Distributors Sofa Set With Bed Manufacturers Foam Cushion Manufacturers Foam Bed Manufacturers Foam Pillow Manufacturers Air Pillow Manufacturers Pillows Foam Rubber Manufacturers Medical Pillow Manufacturers Cervical Pillow Manufacturers Pillow Cover Distributors Leather Cushion Manufacturers Herbal Pillow Distributors Mattress Rexin Manufacturers Washable Pillow Manufacturers Coir Mattress Distributors Mattress Polyfibre Manufacturers Spring Mattress Retailers Spring Mattress Wholesalers Foam Manufacturers Foam Wholesalers Pillow Distributors Mattress Distributors Cushion Cover Manufacturers Sofa Manufacturers Fibre Pillow Manufacturers Cushion Dealers Bed Dealers Foam Distributors Cushion Manufacturers Sofa Cum Bed Wholesalers Coir Mattress Manufacturers Foam Mattress Manufacturers Pillow Manufacturers Cushion Wholesalers Cushion Cover Wholesalers Foam Sheet Dealers Pillow Cover Manufacturers Pillow Cover Wholesalers Mattress Manufacturers
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