Pearl Mattress

Pearl Mattresses are luxurious and extremely comfortable mattresses that makes use of the state of art pin core technology with approximately 9800 pin core holes that serves for excellent air circulation and keeps the body cool at all times. The pin holes provide a greater support unlike the Dunlop process mattress and a high level of buoyancy. Made of 100% pure latex with 80% density for durability and excellent functionality to suit any body type. Provided with a permanent inner cover of gada cloth and a fancy removable outer cover of bamboo fabric to offer comfort and cushioning effect. Natural Latex Rubber is hypoallergenic, emits no chemical fumes like other artificial mattresses and free from health hazards.






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100% Natural

All our products are made of 100% Pure Latex.


Lasts long for 20 plus years without any deformation.


Hypoallergenic organic material makes healthiest and most eco friendly.


The moment the body rests, it keeps the body in a floating position.


Natural Rubber Latex not allows bed bugs or bacteria to live in.


The resilient power varies according to density. More density, more support.

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